Out of all the crafts I do, this is my most favorite craft. You recycle somthing that can be made into
unique gift or item to sell. Kids love to make also. Let them make gift for grandmother she will cherish it.
There are several techniques I will list a few and depending on what you like best they will all work quite nicely.
First of all if you want to make several tell your freinds to save their spagetti, mayonnaise, pickle etc jars for you. My freinds are great at doing that for me. I usually wait until I have several at a time and then make them.
Second: Cleaning The Jars
             As you know the label is put on with glue. Sometimes
             the jars are easy and sometimes they have thick glue.
             The best way I have found is to soak jar in warm water.
             Most of the time the label will remove easily but will
             leave a thick spot of glue. Simply take your hand
             dishwashing liquid and squirt directly on the glue spot.
             With a steel pad (they usually come in gold or silver)
             start scrubbing and run water at same time. If glue
             still doesn't come off easy apply more dishwashing soap.
             Once glue is off this is important* look at jar closely
             and make sure no ink date is on the jar. It can be
             removed easy with pad also. If you don't remove , the
             ink date can bleed thru your paint especially if you
             decide to use the spray method.
             Now the hard part is done and the fun begins.
Third: Painting the Jar
          If you want to handpaint jar you should give it at least 3
          coats of flat house paint. You can apply glass medium
          if you wish before starting. This is one way to base coat.
          Painting the Jar
          I prefer to spay paint. Put a plastic glove on and hold jar
          out and paint in moving motion the first coat. Make sure
          you do not hold in one spot too long because it will
          cause the paint to run. I usually give 2 coats. Make sure
          paint has dried before each coat. Spray paint will dry fast.
          Now depending on what I am going to do most acrylic
          paints work fine. For example handpaint first then
          once dry I apply clear varnish 2 Coats decorate
          and it is done. Spray paint in ventilated area.
          If you are using a pattern simply use tracing paper
          (graphite) and stylus to copy over to jar
           If using stencil you can lightly tape to jar.
           I love to decoupage my jars its easy and you have so
           many things you can use such as borders, wall paper,
           material, pictures, or apply ceramic pieces, etc.
      Pick what you want to use material or border are my favorite. Cut as close to your design you want to add.
Most borders have glue on back so apply water and add to your jar. If using materical apply decoupage glue to front and back of material and apply to jar. When I decopauge I apply decoupage to all the jar it will dry clear. Once dry you can add your varnish.
Normally the decoupage can be coated again if you do not wish to varnish. After completely drying you can add ribbons and
star, buttons bows , lace etc.
Keep in mind the type of votive you use and don't let decoration be to close to votive.
 All Jars mouths are different size. I never save lids. I find most of mine votives at Walmart. They have so many different sizes and price is reasonable.
You can either buy normal scented candles or you can pour your own candles. I do both depending on votive size if I can not find candle that fits. I use melting pot and wax and add scents. But thats up to you.
I apply ribbons around the top with glue gun.
Then let your imagination create your own unique design.
Here are examples of different jars.
handmade candle jar
handmade jar candle
Handmade candle jar
I hope this will help you if you decide to make Jar Candles
Or you can buy from our store if you don't have time to make.

Please never leave candles unattended.
Only clean with damp cloth
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